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Digital Copy, Not So Easy Eh?

Here’s the biggest challenge most Digital Copywriters curse about in sleep. Relatability vs Readability. Whether you are writing for Content Marketing or creating Sales Copy, this will keep you up.

There’s one rule of Copywriting that has stayed true in all its year. Work with Personality is Interesting. Interesting makes sales. Banal stays quiet. But developing Personality is not a child’s play. You have to walk the fine line of developing an edge and walking that sharp blade too often. By doing that, you’d be committing the biggest sin of forgetting your audience.


If not approached with caution, more personality in your writing might make it unreadable. At the same time, more readable the content gets, less relatable it becomes. The horror! The answer, of course, is the balance. Learning to walk this line with confidence is half the battle won.


Another challenge for a digital copywriter is the lack of writing guidelines, content strategy, and briefs. An incomplete brief is every copywriter’s nightmare. What do you, a copywriter should do when this happens? If you absolutely can not get any clearer on briefs, the only option is extra product and customer research. Apart from that, make as many samples of work as possible. And expect modifications. Most clients would be able to tell what they really want with a sample on the table.


Copywriting is a hard job. Digital Copywriting more so. Not only is it broader in functionality. The sheer amount of work that a Digital Copywriter produces is praiseworthy. But maintaining quality and hitting your marks is always the most important point. Having a working knowledge of associated fields helps a lot. Even a little knowledge of UX testing and Web designing will come in hand.


Like any other field, Copywriting has its challenges. They can be easily met with right attitude and knowledge. Good digital copywriters face them on a daily basis and it keeps us on our toes. Personally, there’s just one thing that has always pissed me off. The oxford comma debate. I have made my peace. I like it and I use it. It improves readability and if your argument is “We are saving essential space!”


It’s a comma. But Good Excuse.

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