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Reverse Engineering Consumer Psychology

We have talked about how important consumer’s Buying Behavior is. But how to implement this significant element in your marketing and advertising campaigns? Let’s find out.

The first step would be to clearly understand how a consumer thinks. And then framing the campaigns around those questions. The core model is AIDA. Awareness—Interest—Desire—Action. That’s the general flow of thought in a consumer’s mind. But like always, it’s far more nuanced. And the Devil is always in the Details.

There are many variations of this model, and we will look at a more evolved form of it. It’s not linear and assumes that consumer moves back and forth from one stage to the next. The first step would be.

You want to make the consumer aware of your product or brand. The question is not only how to tell them. It’s about why they should listen to you, to begin with. Normal people, by attitude, wants to avoid a direct sales pitch. Why should they listen to you?

Establishing relatability around a shared problem or common value. Right now, you are not selling the product, but your idea. Why should the consumer continue to listen?

The product and brand are introduced. The solution to the problem is established in consumer’s mind. But there’s a lack of novelty. Your products or services are a viable option now. But the consumer needs more. Where are the differentiating values?

Consumer looks for corroboration and endorsement. This has become vastly important and incredibly easy for the consumer. How can you establish more trust in your brand?

The consumer has formed a purchasing intention and is ready to convert. The primary marketing goal is established. Creating brand loyalty. How will you create it through marketing?

The secondary marketing goal is to promote loyalty through the campaign itself. The way to do is to go back to Interest. By creating relatable stories and creative advertising concepts, we can establish a Brand Relationship with the consumer. This can continue long afterward the campaign is done and over with. A loyal customer becomes an independent marketing entity for your product.

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